Ronne entrance

On January 19th 2023, we entered our main research area, the Bellingshausen Sea along Antarctica’s west coast. Since then, station work all around Ronne Entrance has been carried out with four groups being active. The bathymetry team finished their first surveys in the bay, scanning the seafloor for interesting features to inform the marine geologists about potential sites for sediment coring. Furthermore, the jellyfish team as well as the geothermal heatflow team collected samples in the same area, whilst the land geologists got their first flights out from the ship to collect samples from coastal rock outcrops. The scientists of PS134 are the first ones to carry out scientific measurements in the innermost Ronne Entrance, whose most southeastern part only recently became ice-free due to calving of the ice shelf.

One of the many glaciers terminating in Ronne Entrance (Bellingshausen Sea, West Antarctica). Credits: Christian Rohleder.
The “young half” of the marine geology team onboard the PS134 expedition, from left to right: Matthias, Lena, Zelna, Rosemary, and James. Credits: Rob Larter.
One of the many icebergs in Ronne Entrance. Credits: Christian Rohleder.
One of the many Crab Seals in Ronne Entrance. Credits: Christian Rohleder.

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