Arrival at the Ekström Ice Shelf, East Antarctica

After an 18-day long transit, we could finally set foot on Antarctica – in this case: on its ice, as we reached the Atka Iceport at the edge of Ekström Ice Shelf on Friday, January 6th. While the crew was busy unloading cargo and fuel to supply Neumayer Station III, the scientists got the chance to visit the station. It was a pleasant encounter with the crew at the base. We got a tour through the impressive building and facilities, and the geophysicists among us even got the chance to sneak a peek into the magnetic observatory. To conclude the intense 2-day supply visit, we all gathered on the ice for the traditional farewell event. In the meantime, we are in the Weddell Sea, on the next long transit to our main working area: the Bellingshausen Sea.

The RV Polarstern navigating through sea ice towards the Ekström Ice Shelf
Arrival at Ekström Ice Shelf, with a welcome committee from Neumayer Station III. Credits: Christian Rohleder.
Cargo transport. Credits: Christian Rohleder.

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